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Selling Packages with Appointments


This setting allows customers to book a service as a package. Companies will choose to use packages as their configuration type to upsell customers. By booking a package instead of an One off or Recurring session, the client will feel like they received a discounted price.

Below are a few examples of how this configuration is used: 

1) An one off appointment is $60/session whereas if a client were to book a package of 5 sessions, each session would be $50.

2) Offer packages with discounted prices (I.e 4 sessions at $50/session, 8 sessions at $45/session, and 12 sessions at $40/session)

What happens when the client or provider arrives to the appointment?

The provider should mark the appointment as "Arrived" once they arrive to the session. This is important as once the provider marks the appointment as "Arrived," they also have the choice to "Add an Additional Charge" or mark as "Completed." For example, the provider could add an additional charge if the client needed more time.

When does the client get charged?

The client gets charged for the full package price once the order has been placed instead of getting charged at the end of each session.

What happens at the end of the appointment?

When the session is completed, the Provider should mark the session as “Completed.” The is important as it updates the status of the appointment to "Completed." Therefore, the administrator knows how much to pay each provider.

What happens if the provider or client needs to cancel or reschedule?

If the provider or client is unable to make a session, they can simply cancel the appointment. The client will receive a credit back onto their account which can be used in the future. Note: Keep in mind the company’s cancellation policy.