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Overview of Client Portal

Overview when you login as a Client on MarketBox

After a Company admin has added you to the system, you should receive a welcome email informing you that a client login has been created. Alternatively, you can register for an account on the company's booking page.

The Client portal provides an overview of:

  • My Profile
  • My Bookings
  • My Orders
  • My Billing Information
  • Book Now Button

My Profile

This allows you to set up your Client Profile, including your Address and phone number.

My Bookings

Once logged in, clients can access their personal "My Bookings" page. This provides an overview of all Future or Past bookings.

In my Bookings Page, clients can:

  1. Check the time, location of a past or upcoming booking
  2. Mark an appointment as Arrived or Completed
  3. Mark the session as No Show if the provider fails to arrive to the appointment
  4. Cancel an upcoming appointment

My Orders

Clients can access an overview of all previous orders made. This includes, the booking information, date booked, any additional or miscellaneous charges. As well, clients can also access a receipt of their bookings for personal records.

My Billing Info

Clients can manage their payment information by adding or updating their credit card on file. Once a credit card is saved on file, this allows you to easily book in your appointments without having to enter in your payment details every time. As well, a company admin can also book on your behalf and pay with the card on file.

Book Now

This button allows you to book another appointment with the company, it will direct you their booking page. This allows the client to quickly book in another session!

To see a full video of the client portal, click here.

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