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How To Reschedule/Cancel An Appointment?

Depending on how your company configuration is set up, this will determine what happens once an appointment is cancelled.

For One-Off Appointments: The client will receive a refund and can go through the booking flow to rebook.

For Packages: The client will receive a credit back into their account which can be used in the future.

For Recurring Appointments: The client can cancel the appointment and would not get charged. They would not need to reschedule their appointment as they have recurring appointment dates.

Before you can reschedule an appointment, you must cancel the original appointment first.

To Reschedule A One-Off Appointment:

1. Login as a Client

2. Go to Bookings

3. Filter by Provider, Type of Service, or Date

4. Click Cancel

Note: If an appointment needs to be rescheduled, please keep in mind of the company’s cancellation policy. If the appointment is canceled within the companies cancellation window, a fee will apply.

5. Go to Company's website and click Book Now

6. Login as a Client

7. Select the type of service and location

8 Select the Provider

9. Select the type of appointment (single, ongoing or package) 

Note: If you are rescheduling a package, you can use your previous credits

10. Select the time and dates

11. Read Booking Confirmation

12. Read Order Summary

13. Finalize Booking