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5: Adding Clients

How to create a customer profile in MarketBox

There are two ways that clients can be added:

1) An Admin user can create a Client user account.

2) A Guest can create an account by purchasing through the booking flow.

The first method is used for existing clients, while the other is typically for new clients.

Add a User

1. Go to Users (link is in the leftNav-bar), select Add User at the top right of the page. 

How to add a client in MarketBox
Go to Users

2.Fill out the email address. The email must be unique within the MarketBox system.

3. Select Client in the User role drop-down (default value). 

How to add a client in MarketBox
Select Client in the User drop-down menu

4. Fill in the remaining fields for first name, last name, and phone number.

We highly recommend entering a mobile phone number for each Client as there are several communication features of the MarketBox platform that can be configured to work with a mobile device, such as asking your clients to rate their completed booking or leave an optional tip for their Provider.

5. Ensure the 'Send email invite to new client' switch is set On. The Admin user who creates the User will also receive a copy of the Welcome email for reference.

Send email invite to client in MarketBox
Enter the client's phone number and turn on the Send email invite to new client switch

6. Press the Add button when all the fields are completed.


At this point, the Client's account will be created and a Welcome email will be sent with a temporary password.

The Client then needs to use the Welcome email to log in to the site, reset their password, and complete their User Profile by adding their address.