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Vagaro Software Pricing and Reviews 2022 | MarketBox

Vagaro Software Pricing and Reviews 2022

Vagaro Overview

Vagaro is a scheduling and management software built for the salon, spa, and fitness industries. Starting at $35/month + additional fees for features like credit card payments, text marketing, and online stores, it charges per “bookable calendar” rather than on a plan-based tier system. 

The software comes with two apps, one for clients and one for providers, that lets them book services and manage bookings respectively. Vagaro also offers a custom branded app for $265/month. 

Vagaro Software Features

Vagaro features compared to MarketBox

Vagaro’s biggest feature is its online booking capabilities that let customers book via your website, social media pages, the Vagaro marketplace, and even from Apple Maps. It also has live stream capabilities ($15/month) which are targeted toward fitness businesses that let you offer virtual classes alongside your other business operations.

Other useful features that come at additional costs include credit card payment processing, a check-in app that enables clients to check-in for classes and events, and forms that allow you to collect customer data, feedback, waivers, and reviews. 

Despite the easy-to-use booking software, many reviews state it’s more suited for sole operators, and the scheduling capabilities fall down when multiple providers are involved. For businesses with multiple contractors (and schedules), MarketBox’s advanced scheduling system makes it a better choice. 

The software can handle an infinite number of staff accounts and schedules, and admin and/or providers can create travel zones and link availability to these locations to control when and where they work, cutting down travel time between jobs. With the Accept/Decline Jobs feature, businesses can give employees control over the jobs they take on. At the same time, Smart Matching ensures sales aren’t lost by sending job requests to multiple secondary providers if the original provider declines the job.

Advanced filtering on the booking flow lets customers self-book their local service provider, and for businesses operating over larger areas, configurable pricing lets you set different prices from a country level, all the way down to individual zip codes.

If you’re looking for software that can handle businesses of all sizes, automate scheduling, bookings, and general admin tasks, and help you grow your business, you won’t find a better solution than MarketBox. 

Vagaro Pricing 

Vagaro Pricing comparison chart

Rather than offering plans, Vagaro charges per “bookable calendar.” Solo operators or businesses who want to handle scheduling manually could get away with the one calendar plan ($35/month), but anyone looking to automate scheduling and let providers be booked individually will need to pay accordingly. 

Regardless of how many calendars you pay for, you’ll get access to basic features such as 

  • 1,000 free email marketing messages per month 
  • the ability to sell memberships, packages, and gift certificates 
  • a customizable calendar with waitlist and resource management
  • automated notifications and appointment reminders
  • 24/7 live phone, email, and chat support 

However, it’s worth noting that things like credit card payments, text marketing, a check-in app, online stores, and customer forms are all additional add-ons, starting at $15/month (and 2.65% for card payments). 

MarketBox’s inclusive pricing plans have all the standard features you need to operate and scale your business, regardless of your plan, including online payments, customizable booking flows, travel zones, review forms, and more.

Vagaro Integrations 

Vagaro doesn’t list any integrations on their website, although the booking calendar does work on:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Apple Maps
  • Vagaro Marketplace 

Vagaro Reviews 

Vagaro Review Chart - 4.7 on Capterra, 3.6 on G2

Vagaro has mixed reviews across the major software review sites. Customers love how user-friendly the app is and frequently mention how valuable the integrated forms are for collecting and storing customer information. However, customer service seems to be a sticking point for some, and several reviews mention its limitations for anyone other than sole operators.

Are you looking to grow your sales and automate day-to-day admin tasks so you can focus on your business? Contact MarketBox for a personalized 1-on-1 demo to find out how our booking and automation software can help your business thrive. It’s time to take things to the next level.

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