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Schedule Engine pricing and reviews 2023 | MarketBox

Schedule Engine Software Pricing and Reviews 2023

Schedule Engine Overview

Schedule Engine is a third-party customer booking solution that integrates with your existing field service software. Promising to improve the booking experience, it offers a suite of services and software designed specifically for contractors. Schedule Engine’s main selling point is the 24/7 industry-trained live agent support that enables you to help clients even when your business is closed. However, it’s worth noting at this point that payment processing is not available, so companies looking to have clients pre-pay for services or collect deposits will need additional software

Schedule Engine Software Features 

Schedule Engine Features

Schedule Engine is designed to make your business more responsive and allows customers to book their own appointment when and how they want. Integrating with many popular Field Service Softwares, the booking software comprises of four main features:

  1. Smart online scheduling with real-time availability 
  2. Live expert voice support 
  3. 24/7 live chat
  4. Customer insights

Many FSS already offer online booking options, so Schedule Engine’s offering is nothing special. Where it stands out, however, is the access to on-demand experts. 

Employing support agents with home service expertise, the software’s 24/7 live chat support is designed to save your business money and provide expert guidance to customers. With real industry understanding, agents are able to help customers troubleshoot issues outside of business hours and schedule them for appointments if needed. 

An integration, rather than a complete offering, if you’re looking for software that will offer flexible booking options for clients, alongside the ability to manage staff and the rest of your business, Schedule Engine isn’t it. For more control, you need a complete field service software that combines the booking capabilities of Schedule Engine with the powerful tools required to manage and grow your business. 

MarketBox is a flexible field service software solution that takes care of your business’ needs, enabling you to offer online booking, dispatch jobs, manage payroll, and more, all in one platform. Similar to Schedule Engine, MarketBox has been designed with contractors in mind and developed especially for companies with mobile providers. All the standard features that you’d expect from a complete FSS, like appointment scheduling, employee management, payroll, and invoicing, come with extra on-the-go-friendly functionality. Additional features include time zone management, multi-territory pricing, integration with Stripe for payments in the field, support for virtual appointments, and more.

If you’re looking to add appointment booking options to your website, MarketBox offers so much more than just the basics. 

Schedule Engine Pricing 

Schedule Engine Pricing

Schedule Engine’s pricing structure is a little complicated and involves a one-time implementation fee and an ongoing Digital CSR plan that varies depending on your individual needs. The implementation fee ranges between $495-2000 depending on whether the software will be integrated or non-integrated, while the Digital CSR package’s price is influenced by several factors, including how many technicians you require. For an accurate estimate, you need to book in for a free demo with one of the team. 

If you’re looking for an immediate answer and a quick setup, MarketBox’s clear pricing structure makes it easy to select a plan that works for you. Any plan can be scaled to accommodate unlimited users, so it’s simply a case of selecting which features your business needs and starting the onboarding process. A personalized 1-on-1 demo is available if you need any assistance, or simply take advantage of the free trial to discover how MarketBox can help your business today. 

Schedule Engine Integrations 

Schedule Engine integrates with a range of Field Service Management and dispatching software, including

  • ServiceTitan  
  • Housecall Pro 
  • Successware 

Schedule Engine Reviews 

Schedule Engine Reviews

For an established online booking software, Schedule Engine doesn’t have many reviews beyond the testimonials on its site. The software’s Facebook page features a few recommendations, but users don’t go into specifics, so evaluating pros and cons isn’t easy. 

Looking for a flexible appointment scheduling software that does more than just the basics? Contact MarketBox for a personalized 1-on-1 demo to discover how our all-in-one software can help your business thrive. It’s time to take things to the next level. 

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