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What is a booking flow?

Overview of the MarketBox customizable booking flow

The booking flow refers to what customers see from start to finish as they make an appointment with a provider. 

With MarketBox, the booking flow can be customized to your company’s brand. 

This includes:

  • The logo: this setting can be configured to show the logo only or both the logo and your company name.
  • The Homepage URL: your homepage URL can be linked to the logo that displays in the booking flow header.
  • Theme color: customize the heading that displays across the booking flow.
  • *The Background: choose a dynamic, engaging image that represents your company and high quality service.
  • *Headings text: add slogans or a tagline to convey your brand message.
  • *Text and button color: Maintain visual consistency by inputting your brand hex codes. 

*Contact your MarketBox representative for these features

The booking flow begins by prompting customers to select a service and location (virtual, on-location, or remote). 

Customers are then smoothly guided through the rest of the booking process, which includes:

  • Selecting a provider.
  • Selecting a single appointment, ongoing appointments, or packages of appointments (this varies based on how you’ve configured your company and if your company offers ongoing appointments or packages of appointments).
  • Selecting a date and time for the appointment.
  • Entering any important information in the note box. 
  • Reviewing their order summary.
  • Entering payment information  if they’re a pre-existing customer, this information is auto-completed).