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How to Import Clients into MarketBox

How to import long lists of clients and their information into MarketBox

Importing a long list of client information into MarketBox is simple!

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open this template.
  2. Make a copy of the template. Do not edit the original template in any way.
  3. Add the usertype of the first user. In this case, enter “CLIENT”.
  4. Add the client’s first name.
  5. Add the client’s last name.
  6. Add the client’s email address. Ensure that the entire email is in lowercase.
  7. Add the client’s phone number. Ensure the phone number has the country code (but no symbols like +).
  8. Add the client’s phone type as MOBILE. Ensure that phone type is all capitalized (eg: MOBILE).
  9. Under the Active column, enter TRUE. Ensure that Active is all capitalized (eg: TRUE).
  10. Under the Deleted column, enter FALSE. Ensure that Deleted is all capitalized (eg: FALSE).
  11. Under the sendemail column, enter TRUE or FALSE. Ensure that sendemail is all capitalized (eg: TRUE).

Tips for a smooth client import:

  • Be sure to format data exactly as shown in the template.
  • Import in smaller batches (50-100 clients in a sheet, per upload). This makes troubleshooting easier if an issue occurs!
  • Only upload the “Template” sheet for your import, not the instructions sheet.
  • Make sure you upload in .csv format. .xls and .xlsx or other formats will not work.
  • If TRUE is inputted in the sendemail column, the customer will be sent a welcome email and all company admins (and anyone else with company email addresses) will be bcc’d on the welcome email.
  • If FALSE is inputted in the sendemail column, then the customer will not be sent a welcome email. However, all company admins (and anyone else with company email addresses) will still receive a bcc’d welcome email.