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How to change the layout of the services page

Booking flow layout options

First impressions count, which is why MarketBox users can choose how to display their services on the first page of their online booking flow. 

There are two layout options to choose from: 

  • List style
  • Card style 

Both layout options allow you to organize services into custom categories.

Example of the MarketBox services page with the list layout
List style layout option

With the list style enabled, only the service name is visible, and customers will need to click the dropdown arrow to expand the service and view a description. (Note: this is the default display setting)

Recommended for: Businesses offering more than 20 services to provide a clean, easy-to-navigate user experience. 

Example of the MarketBox booking flow in the card style layout
Card style layout option

With the card style enabled, the service name, description, and price are always visible.  

Recommended for: Businesses offering a small selection of services that don’t require extensive descriptions to explain. 

How to change the services page layout 

To change the layout of your services page

  1. Log in to your MarketBox account 
  2. Click the Booking Flow dropdown menu and select “Customize” 
  3. Go to the “Booking” tab and change the Service Display
  4. Press Save to publish your changes 
how to change the layout of the services page in MarketBox