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How providers can use the accept/decline feature

How providers can use the MarketBox accept/decline feature

If you are on the MarketBox Professional plan, your account can be configured so that providers can accept or decline a booking request.

Once a customer books an appointment with a provider, the provider can either:

  • Accept or decline the booking via sms
  • Accept or decline the booking via the desktop site
  • Accept or decline the booking via the Provider Mobile App

If the provider accepts the booking request:

  • The customer will receive an order summary email confirming that the provider has accepted the booking request.
  • The provider will receive a booking confirmation email with the customer’s name, address, phone number, and booking details

If the provider declines the booking request:

  • An email and SMS notification are sent to the customer notifying them that the provider is unavailable. These notifications will also prompt the customer to try rebooking with a different provider, date, or time.