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How to Customize Text in the Customer Booking Flow

How to Customize Text in the Customer Booking Flow

You can customize the text your clients see in the booking flow before they confirm an appointment.  

customizing text in the customer booking flow
Customize the text in grey.

Here, you can prompt customers to include more information and/or provide any details for an appointment.

Mobile beauty services example:

Please include additional information you’d like your nail technician to consider, such as allergies to latex, glue, or any skin sensitivities.

Private chef example:

Please describe any food allergies or sensitivities for your chef to consider as they prepare your meal.

Mobile COVID testing example:

Please include any additional information here. To help protect yourself and others from COVID-19, we ask all customers to wear a mask or face covering as an added safety precaution for any situations where they may not be able to maintain proper physical distancing.

These notes will appear in both the customer’s and the provider’s order summary email.

Contact your MarketBox representative to customize your booking flow text today!