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Communication Between Providers and Customers Before Appointments

Best practices for communication between providers and customers after a booking has been scheduled

When it comes to customer service, consistency is important.

Once a booking has been made by a customer, do you want your providers to contact them directly to confirm the appointment?

Will they do so by text? Email? A phone call?

It’s up to you, the business owner, to determine what your providers’ next steps will be and what your customers will experience before their booking has even begun.

Without a system in place, different providers may contact customers in a variety of ways or not at all. This leads to an inconsistent customer experience that leaves customers guessing.  

So set your providers up for success by establishing communication guidelines with customers.

Communication between provider and customer depends on your business. We recommend, at the very least, that after an appointment has been booked your providers should text or call the customer to confirm the appointment and ask/inform about the following:

  • How to get to/enter the site of booking (eg: where to park, access code to the building).
  • Arriving early for set up (eg: personal trainers might want to arrive five to ten minutes early to assemble a workout station).
  • Enquire about any details a customer may have left out on the booking form (this might help inform providers on what equipment to bring and how to plan for the booking).