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What is Salon Booking Software? | MarketBox

What is Salon Booking Software?

From front-end scheduling and booking, to back-end billing and information, salon software allows you to manage your salon with ease. Using an online platform, you can update salon appointment availability, allow customers to book with their stylist online, manage product inventory, bill and invoice in one place, and create staff schedules. An online platform gives you the freedom to manage your salon from anywhere.

Key Benefits of Salon Booking Software

Enable online appointment bookings

Create an online booking system to easily allow your clients to select and book their own hair appointments from their device.

Create staff schedules

Create weekly or monthly staff schedules, approve vacation requests, and allocate employee hours. 

Process payments and send invoices

Enter billing information and invoice clients and subcontractors on the platform. Also, create payment and invoice reminders to stay on track of finances. 

Keep inventory up-to-date

Track your inventory of products and what is commonly used in your salon, along with preferred brands and suppliers. Also, set reminders to check inventory balances and re-order stock. 

Send text and email appointment reminders

Create text messages and email reminders to send to clients about upcoming appointments and promotions.

Update business information and hours

Update business information, hours, policies, and promotions from the online platform. 

Create personalized appointment messages

Send follow up and personalized messages based on clients’ appointments to get feedback or collect reviews, schedule another appointment, or send promotions.

Maintain a client database

Keep client notes and information up-to-date with an online database. Record services they have received, preferred stylists, and personal notes to make every visit a personalized one.

Why MarketBox is the Best Salon Booking Software

With the ability to control every aspect of your business from one platform, MarketBox offers a powerful salon booking software solution. 

It helps to reduce no shows 

Appointment reminders have been shown to reduce no-shows by up to 41%, which is why they come as standard with MarketBox plans. The software’s customizable online booking calendar lets clients view individual stylist’s availability and book appointments in their own time. Still, it’s the automated reminders that mean fewer empty chairs and more happy customers. 

It makes it easy to increase sales 

If you’re looking to boost revenue, MarketBox has intuitive marketing features that let you create custom, targeted offers based on a client’s history, and advertise them via text and email. Since your booking calendar exists on a separate subdomain, you can also add booking capabilities to your website and social media profiles for easier client access.

It has integrated finance features for support across the board

When it comes to managing your salon’s finances, the software’s in-built invoicing and payment capabilities make that easy too. Whether you’re billing clients, selling products, paying suppliers, or managing payroll, you can do it from the MarketBox platform.

If you are looking for salon booking software for your business, MarketBox can help. Our fully scalable solution takes the stress out of managing your business, giving you more time to focus on what’s important. Book a 1-on-1 demo today to discover how MarketBox can help you grow.

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