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What is Pest Control Software? | MarketBox

What is Pest Control Software?

Pest control software takes the stress out of running your pest control business. The online platform allows you to schedule appointments, invoice clients, and manage jobs all in one place. You handle the pests, and let the software simplify the rest! 

Key Benefits of Pest Control Software

Digital appointment scheduling 

Easily manage bookings, dispatch employees, and stay on top of projects with one platform. Include notes, information, and details for specific jobs, so your employees have all the information they need in one place. 

Flexible online booking options 

Pest problems don’t always occur during business hours. Give your clients the flexibility to view available slots and book services at a time that suits them with an online booking calendar. 

Easy employee management 

Manage time cards, create schedules, and review and approve time-off requests using pest control software. Keep things digital and ensure employees are up-to-date with changes and approvals anytime. 

Online file storage 

With online file storage, all your important documents are at your fingertips. Draft, save, and send waivers and agreements to clients before each scheduled job and boost your response time. 

All-in-one money management

Manage cash flow, review and pay bills, and create and send invoices with ease. With pest control’s online payment processes, you can send out reminders for outstanding balances, automatically send invoices, and review upcoming payments in one place. 

Automated appointment reminders

Avoid unnecessary downtime and make sure clients are there when you need them with automated appointment reminders. Send email or text message alerts to remind clients of upcoming appointments or notify them of any changes. 

Why MarketBox is the Best Pest Control Software 

MarketBox has been specifically designed for businesses with mobile workforces, and it doesn’t get more mobile than a pest control business! 

You can implement travel zones 

The powerful software allows you to assign travel zones to employees and optimize routes so clients can book their nearest technician and experience a fast and efficient service every time.

It has real-time availability updates 

You never have to worry about double bookings as the appointment calendar automatically updates availability based on bookings, cancellations, or appointment extensions. You can also set up automated appointment reminders to ensure clients are home when you call and avoid wasted journeys.

It streamlines scheduling

MarketBox's in-built scheduling capabilities make organizing employees and assigning jobs straightforward. But things happen, which is why changes can be easily communicated via the app (available on iOS and Android) to ensure everyone is kept in the know.

If you are looking for pest control software for your business, MarketBox can help. Our fully scalable solution takes the stress out of managing your business, giving you more time to focus on what’s important. Book a 1-on-1 demo today to discover how MarketBox can help you grow.

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