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What is Fitness Software?

What is Fitness Software?

Schedule and update fitness classes, create a client database, view class enrollment, process billing, and manage instructors schedules in one convenient place. Online fitness software gives you the capability to manage the back end of your fitness studio from virtually anywhere!

Benefits of Fitness Software

Enable online class booking

Allow guests and clients to easily select and book classes from their device. Giving them the freedom to select and view class enrollment capacity. 

Add/update fitness class schedules

Easily update class times or types from the online platform, allowing you to make changes easily.

Send email and text reminders for upcoming classes or changes in the schedule 

Create email and text message reminders and automatically send to clients to notify them about upcoming classes and changes in the schedule. 

Send personalized messages to inform clients about promotions

Create email and text messages to automatically notify clients about upcoming promotions, sales, and discounts.

Bill clients directly and process payments

Set up an automatic billing process to automatically bill clients directly and process payments in one platform.

Schedule instructors

Create staff schedules, manage employee hours, and approve vacation requests.

Create and manage a client database

Save clients’ personal and contact information in one place. Easily record membership type, billing information, and personal notes.

If you are looking for fitness and personal training software for your business, check out Marketbox and take advantage of our 30-day free trial

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