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Logging in as a Provider (Mobile App)

How to log in to the provider mobile app

After a MarketBox Admin or company admin has added you to the system, you should receive a welcome email informing you that a provider login has been created.

1. You should download the MarketBox Provider Mobile App to your mobile device:

There is an Android version available in the Google Play Store:

Or an iOS version available in the Apple App Store:

2. Once the app is installed, please login using your email address and the temporary password provided.

  • Ensure that the temporary password is entered correctly (no spaces, added punctuation, or misspelling).

3. Reset your password using the temporary password in the email.

  • Your temporary password expires in 7 days so be sure to change it before then.

4. You will then be able to access the following:

  • My Profile screen to set up your Provider Profile, including your Services, Skills, Bio, Photo, and Locations/Travel Zones.
  • My Bookings screen to view your confirmed bookings.
  • My Booking Requests screen to accept/decline booking requests.
  • My Availability screen to add one or more schedules.
  • My Blocked Times screen to manage your blocked time (i.e. unavailable time).

If you cannot access an Android or iOS device, you can still complete the same steps by visiting to login with your temporary password.

To learn how to configure your provider info in the mobile app, click here.