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How to Create a Travel Zone (Drawn)

How to Create a Travel Zone (Drawn) for providers

1. Log in to your Provider account and navigate to your Profile.

2. Under Travel Zone Type, ensure Drawn Zone is selected.

Select "drawn zone" on provider's profile

3. Press Save.

4. On the Left-Navbar, go to My Locations and click Add.

5. Input a travel zone Name, Description, and Address.

6. Click on Draw Travel Zones.

7. To draw an area, click once on the map to begin your shape, then move your mouse and click to draw your first boundary.

how to create a drawn travel zone in MarketBox

8. Continue to move and click to outline the remaining boundaries of the area.

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 to add another travel zone.

You can always start over by clicking Remove Last Zone.